The nightmare behind exchange rates

Have you ever needed to compare exchange rates for personal and/or professional reasons ? If so, you might have felt you were losing time and energy like I used to. Well, there are ways of nearly enjoying exchange rates and I will show you how!

Compare exchange rates: a real nightmare

As you must know, exchange rates evolve all the time depending on many different factors. Indeed, they evolve depending on the current economical, political and even social situation of your country. As you can imagine, these free sectors already imply thousands of different parameters which will make it impossible to easily anticipate and compare exchange rates throughout the time.

Take for example what happened in Switzerland in January 2015. How many people guessed that the National Swiss Bank was going to stop guaranteeing the exchange rate between swiss francs and euros to always be around 1€ = 1.20 CHF ? Not much I guess and the consequences have been terrible for some (people with loans in CHF living in France) and awesome for others (people working in Switzerland and living at the border in France, Germany or Italy for example).


Well, unfortunately I am sad to say that this is only one amide thousand of different situation which makes it impossible to compare exchange rates which easily becomes a nightmare. Unless you have found the same magic tool as I have…

Can someone compare the exchange rates for me ?

My magic tool is called Moneytis. And yes, it compares the exchange rates for me and alerts me only when I want to be alerted! Therefore, instead of trying to guess the impossible, I simply need to specify the currencies in which I am interested and will receive alerts via e-mail or Facebook messenger depending on what I prefere. This allows me to not have to bother anymore in trying to predict the unpredictable and act when the exchange rate is in my favor. Another tool named Neomy also provides this service which I personally find awesome. This could have helped my financial manager in my previous company. Indeed as we had a lot of small business in many different companies around the world, the impact of invoicing our clients at the good moment for example was huge!

Feel free to try them out if you wish to put an end to your nightmares like I did 🙂